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5 reasons to escape to a Cotswold hideaway

The Cotswolds are where peace and tranquillity really come to the fore. There’s no other place you’ll find such an abundance of greenery, wildlife and breathtaking sights. It’s the most ideal location for a relaxing escape; somewhere you can shut out busy town life, and step into a world of complete serenity.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of visiting the Cotswolds, you may be wondering exactly what it has to offer. Located in the heart of Chipping Campden, we feel fortunate to be located at its very core. So, upon your visit, what can you expect?

Fireplace with roaring fire surrounded by comfortable seating in Cotswold hideaway.


Peaceful and serene surroundings

In contrast to bustling town life, the only sounds you can expect to hear in the heart of the countryside are those connected with nature. The sounds and smells of our surrounding wildlife have been shown to reduce stress, making us feel calmer and more relaxed. Life is known to be much slower in the Cotswolds, and it’s something we like to continue into Cotswold House Hotel - from our friendly service, to the wellness-focused spa experience


Spa experience like no other

There are few better ways to relieve our everyday stresses than with an indulgent spa experience. It’s something we consider integral to our wellness experience at Cotswold House, and is most certainly the ‘cherry on top of the cake’ when it comes to embarking on a Cotswold escape.

Those who live in the Cotswolds know it all too well; and so, our spa experience is inspired by the essences of nature that surround us. Pure essential oils and atmospheric treatment rooms work to reduce tensions, building a natural state of utter relaxation.

Swimming pool surrounded by coomfortable beds in Cotswold hideaway hotel. 

Countryside & honey-coloured stone in abundance

A village in the Cotswolds can be instantly identified, if not by the abundant greenery, its characteristic honey-coloured stone. Adding a rustic and refined aesthetic, the never-ageing limestone continues to look beautiful as time passes by.

When combined with greenery and wildlife, the setting makes for a luxurious, yet humble location for a peaceful getaway. Woodland walks and manicured gardens adorn the hidden corners of the cobbled streets, offering the ideal opportunity to soak up the refreshing Cotswolds air.

Looking out onto the picturesque town and its surroundings, our sumptuous bedrooms offer a peaceful night’s sleep like no other. With decor inspired by the surroundings, the serenity of the countryside continues through the doors of the hotel.

 Comfortable, luxury hotel bed in Cotswold hideaway.


Encourages mindful connections between the body & mind

Mindfulness, at its core, encourages a focus on the present moment. That means resisting thoughts of the past and future, whilst making an effort to forgive and forget intrusive thoughts. Not only does it enhance the Cotswolds experience, but it also helps to strengthen that mind and body connection; something that many of us with busy lives forget to do.

The Cotswolds offer the optimum surroundings for mindfulness practice. Deep breathing is enhanced by the presence of fresh, healthy air, with peaceful sights and sounds helping the mind to focus. Whilst mindful practice can involve a woodland walk in solitude, it can also be integrated into daily activities - from simple tasks like brushing hair, to reading a book.


Wholesome and delicious produce

A Cotswold wellness escape isn’t complete without healthy and nutritious produce. Another true essence of life, fresh ingredients are key to our natural health - and is something you can find locally within many Cotswold villages. 

At Cotswold House Hotel, we love serving up delicious and nutritious dishes to our guests - whether or not that’s accompanied with a wellness experience. It’s something we consider key to a peaceful escape, facilitating that all-important mind and body detox.

Smoked salmon and meat dishes in Cotswold hotel. 

We’re delighted to be holding wellness sessions here at the hotel, which will be held by professionals specialising in a variety of industries. You’ll learn how to set goals for the future, how to sleep better and how to practice meditation, gaining tools and techniques that promise to change your life for the better. To find out more, please click here.


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