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5 ways a wellness academy can boost your health

“New decade, new you”.

That’s the motto we’re using as we team up with the Wellness Academy to provide our corporate guests with a brand new wellbeing experience.

The new collaboration means groups of corporate guests heading to the hotel for a business ‘away day’ can invite members of the academy - all of whom are health and wellness experts - to come down and deliver a transformational lifestyle journey.

Wellness experiences are ideal for delegates who need a break away from the office. Providing the perfect opportunity to rest and recuperate, with bite-sized wellness sessions designed to encourage a healthy and balanced lifestyle - with the ultimate effect being a boost to workplace productivity and wellbeing post retreat.

A staggering 84% of the population are failing to achieve the amount of physical activity as recommended by the NHS, and surveys have shown that workers are crying out for support from their employers. As part of our corporate offering, employers can simply request wellness experts and coaches to visit on-site, who will host life-transforming sessions.

The experience is made up of interactive seminars specialising in mindset, meditation, nutrition, sleep, conscious breathing and mindfulness. You’ll learn how to set goals for the future, and use the tools and techniques provided to make a real difference to your life moving forward.

So, how exactly can a Wellness Academy boost your health?


You’ll gain professional, accurate & up-to-date advice

The problem with online health advice is that it’s not always offered by reputable sources. And as we continue to discover new methodologies, advice can quickly become outdated. This cannot always be easily identified within blogs and forums. The broad range of information can be intimidating and confusing, with much of it conflicting, leaving us feeling unmotivated and unsure of whom to trust.

Our Wellness Academy journey, on the other hand, offers professional advice from experts with years of research experience in their industry. It’s foolproof, trustworthy information that’ll bust popular myths, and provide answers to your commonly asked questions. 


A holistic approach to wellbeing

The modern approach to health and wellbeing perceives the mind and body as a whole, and as completely interconnected. This holistic viewpoint suggests that the way we treat our bodies can have a direct impact on our mental health, and vice versa.

Popular mind and body practices such as yoga, mindfulness and meditation have really gained traction recently, and focus on encouraging us to focus on the present moment. This is something our expert coaches place much importance on, and is fundamental to much of the advice they offer.


Opportunities for reflection

In today’s busy world, too many of us forget to take a step back and reflect. Without doing so, life can easily become overwhelming, and all the while it passes us by without a second thought. 

Between interactive seminars, health aspirers will have the peace and tranquillity to truly reflect on their lives, which is made all the easier by exposure to the beautiful, serene surroundings of the Cotswolds during one of our retreats.


The life-changing art of setting goals

One of the main aims of our Wellness Academy is to teach aspirers how to set realistic goals, and work towards them. Setting goals is a key step to making behavioural changes, whilst allowing us to make sure that we carry them forward throughout our lives. They can give you a healthy focus and dose of motivation, forming the very start - and end - of self-development.

The Wellness Academy programme will teach you the journey of goal setting, and how, if persisted with, it can transform your life for the better. You’ll be encouraged to set new goals, and leave with the skills to create more moving forward.


It will change your outlook for the better

For many of us, our experience in life largely rests on the way that we perceive it. Yes, life has its ups and downs, but your approach and response to the knock-downs will transform the lasting effect it has on your health and wellbeing.

The Wellness Academy experience will teach you to approach life’s curveballs with mindfulness and a positive mindset, so that each setback will serve to develop you further as a person, and as you continue to move through life.

At Cotswold House Hotel, we truly believe that each and every one of us deserves to learn the true essences of life, which tend to become a little foggy in today’s busy world. A little mind and body detox, too, can help to set us on the right path as we enter a new decade.

If you’re looking to host the perfect corporate retreat, with associated business and health benefits going forward...then why not get in touch?


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