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5 reasons to try a Cotswold afternoon tea experience

Over the years, the afternoon tea has become such a luxurious and fashionable treat that we often forget to think about its origins.

Dating back to mid 19th century dining, it’s thought that the afternoon tea was introduced by the Duchess of Bedford in 1840, in a bid to shorten the gap between lunch and dinner. The delightful array of sweet and savoury treats would keep her going until the evening - and before long, it became an opportunity to socialise with friends. 

This has, of course, continued into the present day, with this highly sophisticated array of treats most commonly enjoyed when shared with friends and family. It’s certainly become an occasion of sorts, retaining its status as an indulgent mid-day treat.

Afternoon tea - selection of sweet and savoury treats in the lounge at Cotswold House

We’re probably biased, but we think there’s no better afternoon tea experience than a Cotswolds one. So, here are our 5 reasons why you should give it a try.


An afternoon tea with a view

At Cotswold House, we think there’s nothing better to accentuate an afternoon tea than a scenic landscape. Nestled in the heart of the Chipping Campden, we’re in the prime location for picturesque views of the Cotswold limestone and the surrounding countryside. 


In our cosy lounge, elegant and plush interiors are combined with peaceful sights to create a truly unforgettable relaxing experience. Pair that with an indulgent afternoon tea, and you’ve got yourself the ultimate escape from the stresses of daily life.


A traditional British dining experience

The afternoon tea has always, and will always be enjoyed as a quintessentially British dining experience. And in the Cotswolds, if there’s anything we can do well, it’s providing just that.

Traditionally, the afternoon tea was enjoyed as ‘low tea’ by the upper class, and ‘high tea’ for the working class. ‘Low tea’ was a lighter dining experience, whilst ‘high tea’ consisted of heavier foods, like cold meats and meat pies. It seems that since then, as a nation, we’ve combined the two - and at Cotswold House, it’s a treat for anyone daring enough to take it on.

A tower of sweet cakes and sandwiches - afternoon tea at Cotswold House.

Surrounded by independent boutique shops, too, and always experiencing the depths (and heights!) of the British weather, there really is no better place to enjoy British traditions at their finest.


A peaceful and relaxing escape

Rather than simply a treat for the senses, we think an afternoon tea should form a whole experience - from the food itself, to your surroundings.

Whilst London has its perks, if there’s one thing it doesn’t always offer, it’s the utter peace and tranquility that the Cotswolds never fail to provide. Upon taking your very first steps into the countryside, life seems to stand still. 

Chipping Campden landscape, featuring sheep and a church in the background.

Rather than heavy traffic, your attention will turn to birdsong. And rather than shops overflowing with people, you’ll gain uninterrupted views of the handmade trinkets that adorn the streetside shop windows. If you’re originally from the city, it’s most definitely an experience you should try.

On your next trip to the Cotswolds, be sure to join us and take a moment to peacefully watch the world go by, whilst savouring some true British delicacies.


An eye for quality & provenance

In the Cotswolds, we love to sit by a log fire with a warming cup of tea and slice of cake. It’s something we indulge in probably more than we should, but it comes with no shame. And from that, we like to think we’ve gained a good eye for bite-sized treats and preparing the perfect cuppa.

Afternoon tea: selection of bite-sized treats at Cotswold House.

Provenance is valued greatly in the Cotswolds; we love using local, organic produce. It not only preserves the environment, but also makes for high quality, great tasting treats.

At Cotswold House, local provenance is reflected within the most intricate of details. We’re proud to source locally for our silverware, too, with Robert Welch cutlery and teapots accompanying the afternoon tea experience. 


An all-encompassing experience for the senses

The bite-sized treats that feature in an afternoon tea tend to be rich in flavour, hence their size. It’s an experience for the taste buds, offering an amalgamation of flavours and aromas. 

By enjoying your afternoon tea in the Cotswolds, your remaining senses will be in for a treat, too. You’ll enjoy sights and sounds that those in the city can only dream of - particularly if you enjoy your afternoon tea in our picturesque gardens.

At Cotswold House, our afternoon tea experience offers a wide selection of teas, from the traditional English Breakfast, to more aromatic flavours like Elderflower and Blossom Darjeeling. Accompanied by a tower of scones, sweet cakes and delicate finger sandwiches, it’s the ideal mid-day feast for a social occasion.

Lounge at Cotswold House Hotel.

We think every guest should be able to enjoy a Cotswold afternoon tea, no matter their dietary requirements. That’s why we’re always offering a selection of vegan and gluten free options, allowing for a completely tailored experience. 

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