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How can an invigorating massage experience boost your health?

Sometimes, there’s no better way to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life than with a truly invigorating massage experience. And there’s no better place to enjoy it than in the very heart of the Cotswolds.

Expert massage therapy offers the mental and physical state of calm that we don’t necessarily gain through other relaxation methods. It’s the stimulation of our muscles and the connections made within that result in a real, physical change.

You may be surprised by the vast array of health benefits massages can offer us - and it doesn’t stop at feelings of relaxation.

So, how can an invigorating massage experience boost your health?

Lady having a massage in spa environment.

A massage will improve your circulation

If you’ve ever experienced cramping, it might be that your blood isn’t circulating as well as it should be.

There’s no doubt that blood circulation is vital to many of our internal functions. And when it’s not as strong as it could be, we can start to feel pain and/or cramping. If left untreated, it can also lead to long-term health conditions.

A thorough, invigorating massage is one of the best ways to treat poor circulation. The hands-on pressure helps to deliver blood and oxygen to stiff and tense muscles, whilst aiding with the removal of lactic acid.

Massages are vital in removing waste from the body, and delivering vital nutrients to the muscles. And by indulging in regular treatments, you’ll notice reduced blood pressure levels, and an overall improvement in your bodily functions.

Lady having a massage in a spa environment, with essential oils.

Reduces stress & anxiety

A professional massage offers more benefits than just physiological ones. Regular treatments can reduce our stress and anxiety levels, since our increased blood flow means the release of more endorphins (our happy hormone).

The feeling of serenity that a massage instils also helps to regulate our stress response, so when we’re faced with a stressful situation, we’re in a better position to tackle it.

Improves your sleep quality

Along with endorphins, massage therapy stimulates the release of dopamine. This hormone helps to regulate sleep, keeping our circadian rhythm in check. This means that we can effectively respond with energy to daylight, and with feelings of tiredness as night falls.

Essential oils and towels ready for a massage treatment.

Strengthens the immune system

Our immune systems may naturally be weaker if feelings of stress and anxiety are frequent. We’re more likely to be vulnerable to illness, so making sure we feel relaxed and settled is important.

Regular massages can help to restore the immune system, boosting the level of antibodies released to fight off infection. They’re also great for keeping the immune system strong and boosting its overall efficiency.

Essential oils with flowers in preparation for massage treatment.

At Cotswold House Hotel & Spa, we love welcoming guests into our calming, serene therapy space. Detailed with essential oils and personalised treatments, our spa experience caters for the most intricate of individual needs.

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